EaseYourWay app implements the idea of self-help checkout system to avoid the tiresome process of manual checkout. The app consists of 2 types of users namely, the shoppers and the admin. The application comprises of a QR-code scanner that will be linked to the departmental store server in order to retrieve the prices of the products being bought. A user friendly interface is also included to display the details of the product being bought. Finally, a payment page enables the customer to pay in a direct hassle-free manner. The admin i.e. the store manager, has the privilege of adding new product and its details in the product database directly from the app. The server side also maintains information about all the users as well as their transactions thereby providing real time updated logs. Here are a few snapshots of the app!

Left: Main App Page. Middle: User Sign-Up. Right: Buy Product
Left: Add Product to Database. Right: Checkout Page for Buyer